Foundation Governance

Board of Directors

The Antique Motorcycle Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors with extensive depth in the motorcycle industry, antique motorcycling, non-profit organization management, and museum administration. Directors are not compensated for their service and receive only partial reimbursement for attending board meetings and carrying out assigned duties on behalf of the Foundation. 


Jon Radermacher, President

Jon RadermacherJon Radermacher of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a metalsmith by training and is Associate Dean of the School of Communications and Information Systems at Robert Morris University.  Following his presentation about digital communication tools at the 2012 Antique Motorcycle Foundation Leadership Forum, he joined the Foundation's board.  He has also designed web sites for national motorcycle organizations, including the Antique Motorcycle Club of America and the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club of North America. He recently supervised the redesign and deployment of the Foundation's current web site.

Radermacher says, “My first old motorcycle was a Suzuki GS750E.  I bought it just for reliable transportation, not knowing that it would literally become the vehicle to carry me into the world of antique motorcycles.”  Radermacher’s first leadership role in the vintage motorcycle community was to organize a national rally for Suzuki GS owners in 2004.  In 2008, he became a board member and webmaster for the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club and served on the VJMC Board of Directors for four years. He concurrently serves on the board of directors of the Pittsburgh Glass Center where he is in his second term as vice president of the board. 

About his love for old motorcycles, Radermacher says, “As a designer, I appreciate the beauty and allure of an antique motorcycle, and as a metalsmith, I have a significant interest in the technical innovations that have occurred throughout the history of motorcycle manufacturing.  I am very excited to be on the AMF Board where I will have an opportunity to influence, improve, and perpetuate public understanding of antique motorcycles and their importance to our culture.” 


Roger Smith, Vice President

Roger SmithRoger Smith has been involved in motorcycling since 1964 when, as a young teenager, he rented Honda motorcycles in Ontario, Canada, for 25 cents an hour.

Today, he is a retired Pontiac, Michigan, police detective, having served the community for 25 years, focusing much of that time on crimes against children. He states, “Being retired, I am prepared to offer all the time necessary to support the Antique Motorcycle Foundation and help it perform to its maximum potential.” Roger was previously a board member of the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club for many years, serving as its public relations officer.

He has restored vintage motorcycles that have reached the AMCA Winners Circle and earned a Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum Councours Championship with special recognition along with the prestigious Cycle World Magazine Excellence in Restoration Award. While he enjoys all motorcycles and rides a modern Harley-Davidson Street Glide, his main focus is on vintage import motorcycles and helping those enthusiasts become more involved in the Antique Motorcycle Foundation and the AMCA.


Tracey Powell, Secretary

Tracey PowellTracey Powell’s experience in motorcycling includes a 32-year career at the American Motorcyclist Association where she tracked legislation, worked as an executive secretary, and helped plan major events, including Vintage Motorcycle Days and the International Women and Motorcycling Conference.

Unlike many, her first ride was not on a minibike, but on a powerful Kawasaki H1 in 1971.  But it wasn’t until her husband-to-be, Walker, purchased and restored a 1960 BMW R69 and 1962 Steib sidecar that she started to appreciate vintage motorcycles.  Tracey and Walker went on their honeymoon with the sidecar rig.

They still own the rig today in addition to a 1975 Honda CB125S and a 2007 BMW F800S. Over time, they have owned in the neighborhood of 15 motorcycles including a 1952 Indian Chief and a 1937 ULH Harley-Davidson with Goulding sidecar. When they ran out of room in their garage, their interest in motorcycles evolved into collecting antique motorcycle toys.  Tracey says, “I am pleased to serve on the Board of the Antique Motorcycle Foundation to help further its interests while I admittedly satisfy my own!”


Wanda Winger, Treasurer

Wanda WingerWanda Winger has been involved with antique motorcyclessince she and her late husband, Dick, were married in October 1974. Appropriately, they honeymooned at an AMCA National Meet in Florida.

Wanda served as Membership Administrative Assistant for the AMCA for 22 years, and she feels that experience is very useful to her role as Treasurer for the Foundation. Winger is also active in both the Maumee Valley and Ohio Valley Chapters of the AMCA, which are involved in organization of the Wauseon National Meet in Wauseon, Ohio. About the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, she says, “With our new museum and other projects in the works, all AMCA members and future members will benefit from the work of the Foundation. It is an honor to be on the Antique Motorcycle Foundation Board of Directors, and I will do my best to help the Foundation in anyway I can.”


Edward G. Doering

Ted DoeringTed Doering, President of V-Twin Mfg., a worldwide manufacturing and distribution company, has been involved in motorcycling from an early age, beginning with custom motorcycle design and construction. He has participated in motorcycle shows and displays across the United States and is currently director of The Velocipede Museum in New Castle, Delaware.

He is a trustee and director of Motorcyclepedia, a museum located in Newburgh, New York, and specializes in product research for motorcycle components from 1936 to the present. Ted contributes to the Antique Motorcycle Foundation by lending his expertise and knowledge to help educate the general public and support the work of collectors worldwide.


Gerald A. Doering

Jerry DoeringSpecializing in Indian motorcycle history since 1947 as a hobby and for business, Jerry Doering participates in shows and displays, and has loaned motorcycles to the New York State Museum, the Paterson City Museum, and the Century Museum Village in Rhinebeck, New York. In addition, he is a sponsor of the Rhinebeck Grand National AMCA Meet. He is a partner in Tedd Cycle Inc. and a trustee of Motorcyclepedia, a Museum located in Newburgh, New York.

Jerry's life work has been a comprehensive study of Indian Motorcycle from 1902 to 1953. He has been collecting antique motorcycles since 1949 and has always had a goal to help up-coming generations learn the history of the motorcycle. As a member of the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, Jerry contributes his extensive knowledge of Indian motorcycles and related artifacts and documentation.


Kenneth Kelly

Ken KellyBorn in 1958 in Tacoma and raised in Chester, New Jersey, Ken Kelly has been riding motorcycles since his first Rupp minibike at the age of ten. At 19, the purchase of an Indian launched his lifelong passion for antique motorcycles.  He joined the Antique Motorcycle Club of America in 1978 and became a member of the North Jersey Colonial Chapter in the mid-1980s, which he has served as Secretary, Vice President, and now President.   He is also a member of the Rhinebeck Grand National Coalition Planning Team. 

Kelly entered the tool and die trade after graduating high school in 1976, worked in the precision metal component manufacturing industry, and is currently serving as Engineering Manager, Chairman, and President of General Wire & Stamping Co. in Randolph, New Jersey.  He has a great appreciation for all manner of vintage motorcycles and owns or has owned American, Spanish, Japanese, German and Italian brands. He enjoys researching and discovering new things about old bikes and loves to share his knowledge with others. 

He says, “I never grow tired of seeing the excitement in people’s faces when they see and talk about old motorcycles and motorcycle history.”


Dorothy Mattern

Dottie MatternBorn in Pennsylvania and raised in Maryland, Dottie has an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland and two graduate degrees from The Johns Hopkins University. Her family includes husband John, son Christopher, step-son Craig, and five grandchildren, ranging in age from 4 to 15.

She attended her first AMCA motorcycle meet in 1979 and fell in love with the sounds, smells, and looks of older machines. Two years later, she was elected to the AMCA Board, and served as National Secretary for 15 years.

Traveling by motorcycle is a favorite activity, and she has ridden in many countries on five continents. As a member of a vintage racing team, she races a 1972 Honda 350 with the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association. In 2008, she also set a land speed record of 94.7 mph aboard a 1936 Indian Scout.


Mark Mederski

Dottie Mattern

Mark Mederski’s love for motorcycling dates back nearly five decades. He has been an AMCA member for nearly 20 years, a VJMC member for 30, and he was a club road racer back in the 1970’s. Of great importance to Mederski is the history of motorcycles, regardless of country of origin, and the people who have ridden them, raced them or used them for transportation in America. He states, “Just as important is helping people learn about these stories, and to see how the machines and riders have changed over the years. Finding important stories and presenting them through motorcycle exhibits or publications, print or electronic, ‘fleshes out’ what is otherwise just a machine, jacket, trophy, helmet or photograph; that's of great importance to me.”

Mederski’s current work is with the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, but past work history includes very large motorcycle membership organizations, history museums and foundations that have more or less performed these missions. About his work for the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, Mederski states “I hope to continue to help tell the exciting stories of antique motorcycling, impress upon more people their interest and worth, and the need to save and present them as this will help ensure that motorcycling remains a vital sport for decades to come.” Mederski currently owns about 30 motorcycles from Europe, England, Japan and America, a wood shop and a large motor library.


Eric Trow

Eric Trow

As the grandson of a long-time Indian dealer (and 16 other brands ranging from AJS to Zundapp), Eric Trow has Castrol and Oilzum in his veins. He has been a continually active motorcyclist since his first solo jaunt at the age of eight. From then on he rode anything and everything he could throw a leg over.

Trow, recipient of the 2013 AMA Outstanding Road Rider award, currently owns and operates Stayin’ Safe, the premier on-road advanced rider training program in the USA. He is a respected moto-journalist, penning the popular Riding Well column each month for Rider magazine. He is also a popular keynote speaker. Closer to home, Eric is a founding member of the Greater Pittsburgh Motorcycle Safety Council. In addition to his work in motorcycling, he is an award-winning creative talent and marketing strategist, most recently working as vice president/strategy director for a top-100 US advertising agency.

In his garage can be found a continually rotating assortment of current and vintage motorcycles from the US, Europe and Japan. A constant in his collection is a family heirloom: an unusual, all-original, ultra-low mileage Indian Chief that is one of the very last to roll off of the “Wigwam” assembly line. Eric states: "I am honored to serve the AMF and to have the privilege of working alongside its esteemed Board members."


Ed Youngblood

Ed YoungbloodEd Youngblood has spent his career in the motorcycle industry. He was on the staff of the American Motorcyclist Association for 28 years and its CEO for 19. He was also on the board of the International Motorcycle Federation for 20 years. He has written several books about motorcycle history, including “Century of Indian” and “Heroes of Harley-Davidson,” and biographies of Dick Mann, John Penton, Dave Mungenast, and John and Jill Parham. Since leaving the AMA in 1999, he has run his own consulting and communications firm called “Motohistory.” His clients have included the Guggenheim Museum, the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, the Columbus College of Art and Design, the Saratoga Automobile Museum, the Orlando Museum of Art, and the Ohio State University. Youngblood has also served on the boards of several non-profit charities and educational foundations.

Current Committees

Ride Dottie Ride:
   · Dottie Mattern
   · Jon Radermacher
   · Ed Youngblood

Strategic Planning:
   · Jon Radermacher
   · Mark Mederski
   · Eric Trow

Leadership Forum:
   · Fred Guidi (external)
   · Mark Mederski
   · Tracey Powell
   · Jon Radermacher
   · Ed Youngblood

   · Ken Kelly
   · Roger Smith
   · Ed Youngblood

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