History of the Foundation

Old goodrich tires picIn 2007, a non-profit, tax-exempt educational foundation—now called the Antique Motorcycle Foundation—was created during the process of restructuring the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. Part of the purpose of this foundation is to tell to the public at large the important story the motorcycle has played in the evolution of technology and culture in the industrialized world.

Since its inception, the AMF has made numerous efforts to accomplish its mission through exhibitions, leadership forums, and other activities. These efforts are organized and carried out by its volunteer board of directors, who are dedicated to the legacy of vintage and antique motorcycling. 

These people, with the aid of your financial support, will insure that you and other members of the public may enjoy vintage and antique motorcycling for years to come.




The Motorcyclepedia museum features over 450 motorcycles along with photographs, posters, memorabilia, machinery, and other things related to motorcycles.

The museum has several exhibits including The Indian Timeline, Chopper City, The Circa Timeline, Fast from the Past, Harley-Davidsons, the Wall of Death, and the Antique Motorcycle Foundation's Gallery. The AMF gallery currently has the AMCA Winners' Circle exhibit on display.

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People who live it

Want to know more about the fascinating people who keep antique motorcycling alive and well?

Check out the AMF's profiles of people whose day to day lives are antique motorcycling.

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