Mission, Vision & Goals of the Foundation


Man working on old bikeThe mission of the Antique Motorcycle Foundation is to share the story of antique motorcycling with the public and to create awareness, understanding and an appreciation for two- and three-wheeled transportation and its contribution to history and technological development.


To be the steward for the legacy of antique motorcycling for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations.


  • Raise the financial and in-kind resources needed to support and sustain the mission, vision and activities of the Antique Motorcycle Foundation both now and in the future, through a comprehensive resource development program.
  • Create a public platform to display important antique motorcycles and artifacts to be enjoyed by people of all ages and generations at multiple venues in regions throughout the U.S.
  • Acquire and preserve valuable motorcycle collections that are a significant part of our cultural heritage and transportation history.
  • Educate and communicate with the public about the history of motorcycling and its role in our culture through a variety of educational programs and publications.
  • Support a younger generation of motorcycle enthusiasts through scholarship programs and other special strategic educational initiatives, and, through these efforts, instill excitement and enthusiasm among younger generations for the art and design of antique motorcycling, ensuring the long-term sustainability of AMF’s mission and vision.
  • Through AMF activities, build an understanding and strong enthusiasm for antique motorcycles among multi-generational audiences.

Museum Exhibits

Museum exhibits are one of the primary vehicles in which the AMF realizes its mission. The foundation documents its exhibits on the web site for those who are not able to see the exhibit in person.

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