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Old image of motorcyclistsIf there is anything more fascinating than antique motorcycles, it's the people who restore, collect, own, ride, and enjoy them. Throughout more than 120 years of motorcycling, people are the ones who not only innovate the trade, but preserve its history by maintaining, collecting and restoring motorcycles. 

Even noteworthy game-changers in the industry know this. Rich Teerlink, who helped save Harley-Davidson from bankruptcy in the 1980s, stated: "People are a company's only sustainable competitive advantage."

In addition, John Penton, who helped revolutionize the American off-road motorcycle industry in the 1970s with the Penton motorcycle, stated: "Success does not come from setting records, accumulating wealth, establishing a business, or erecting monuments. People are the name of the game. To have success you must build upon the immortal mind with love; without prejudice or greed."

The Antique Motorcycle Foundation understands how important people are to sustaining its mission. This includes celbrating a few of the many individuals who make antique motorcycling what it is. Click on the links below to see their profiles.


Don Bradley     Mike Crone     Bob Logue     Jim Oldiges     Jon Szalay     Jack & Judy Wells


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